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Lake arrowhead is a gated community and is one of the cleanest lakes in all of Georgia

Lake arrowhead is a gated community and is one of the cleanest lakes in all of Georgia

And explain this Lake arrowhead blog post. There are few places on the web to find so much great information about Lake arrowhead and the surrounding communities that I thought I would put together a resources page for not only homeowners but also prospective purchasers looking at this fine North Georgia community. When I lived on the lake I would’ve love to have a resource page to go to and find out where I could go to the nearest restaurant or what are my choices of golf courses around the community? So please feel free since this is a blog to comment below on a local restaurant, shop, school or any other type of valuable resource that you may want to add to this page and if it is relevant information it will be approved and if you do have a link to that particular resource please included in your comment below. I would love for this page to be a dialogue and always be growing of great new information to provide to the residents of Lake arrowhead and prospective buyers.

The main Lake arrowhead clubhouse and golf course is located at 486 ARROWRIDGE, WALESKA, GA 30183
Phone: (770) 721-7900

Video of Lake arrowhead Georgia

I have never taken a video for a real estate page before and this was my first attempt a few weeks ago while I was up at the lake looking at a few homes for my family. It is nothing fancy but it is a great video to show just how beautiful and special of a place this is. I have watched it many times thinking about all the great times I have had on the lake for Fourth of July, diving for golf balls or learning how to water ski. If after watching this video Lake arrowhead looks like a place that you may want to purchase a home then follow this link for all the most recent active homes for sale in the community including golf, Mountain View, lots in land as well as waterfront properties.

Close by shopping and dining

People always ask me how close is the nearest restaurant or grocery store to the lake arrowhead community. That all depends on what you may consider a grocery store. Many people in the city would not consider a general store a grocery store but when you have to drive another 8 to 10 miles to get to where you need to get there is plenty available at the local general stores near Lake arrowhead. All the basics and some of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life. Below are a few links or information to local shopping and restaurants near the Lake arrowhead community.

Jordan’s quick Mart

Waleska farmers market at Reinhardt College

Dollar General

Waleska super thrift

Publix at Laurel Canyon Village

Annual events

Lake arrowhead has so much going on and so do the communities surrounding it. You will find a link to many of those activities below and feel free to reach out to us if there is one you would like to see added to the list.

Fourth of July fireworks.
There is always a Thanksgiving golf tournament.

Parks and recreation

Since Lake arrowhead is in the northern part of Georgia there are plenty of hiking trails and activities for adults and children. Below are just a few of the sites to go see from a recreation standpoint in and around the Waleska area.

Lake arrowhead is located right near bear Mountain.

Red Top Mountain State Park

Waleska City Park offer baseball fields, playgrounds and pavilions;
Cline Park features additional tennis courts, volleyball courts, and an outdoor running track.

Within the Lake Arrowhead’s residential community.
Red Cloud Park
Great Festival Park

Nature trails are throughout the edge of the community.

Path choices are the Lake Shore, Flat Rock and the Wilderness Trail

Schools in and around the Lake Arrowhead area

Below you will find links and information to local schools in and around the lake arrowhead Georgia area. The following schools are the public schools for the Lake arrowhead community and there are other schools in the area aavailable like Reinhardt College and…

R.M. Moore Elementary School in Waleska.
7th grade to 8th grade go to Teasley Middle School in Canton, Georgia.
Cherokee High School, which is also in Canton.
Reinhardt University is located in Waleska.

Recent market data and statistics

I have recently put together a blog post showing the most recent sales and active homes for the year 2014 in the Lake arrowhead Georgia community. If you would like to know what is selling and what is currently available on the water or the golf course then follow this link below. The agents that will help you with your real estate purchase not only live in the area but have been homeowners and can help you with every aspect of your purchase or sale in the Lake arrowhead community.

Selling your Lake Arrowhead home

If you are looking to sell your Lake Arrowhead or Waleska home, we would be honored to help. We can help you price your home competitively and sell it for the highest amount in the least amount of time. Follow this link below to get a current valuation if you are thinking of selling your Lake arrowhead home.

What is my lake Arrowhead home worth?


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